About Us

Thanks for landing in our about page and thanks for your interest in our past. We started Extramovies in Aleppy, Kerala with the help of our 3 friends Kafil, David and Nhold. The starting days are very tuff for all of us. We did many researches for our blog and did very hard work. Our dedication pays of now. Now we are known for our works and content for our website Extramovies.

The main goal of starting this blog is to provide the best and realistic knowledge about the movies and entertainment industries in our country India.  We put the Budget of the movie, Box Office Collections, OTT views, Star cast and many more on our website. Extramovies is a completely entertainment website where you never going to be bored. Our content entertain you in a very different and educated way. We hope your queries about us was clear and if you want to connect with us, then you can follow us on our social account. You can also contact us directly.